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Steam Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

Did you know your air conditioner could have dirt, mould and bacteria…

We took on the company name of A/C Doctors because we do care about the health of the air conditioners in use. An unhealthy air conditioning unit that is dirty, mouldy and has bacteria present can be detrimental to your health. One of the reasons we got heavily involved in steam cleaning air conditioners is that all too often we are called to clean an air conditioner that has already “just recently or not long ago” been cleaned. Only to find that it isn’t really clean at all!

Why Spray Bottles are not enough…

Unfortunately many customers are paying good money for someone to come and clean their air conditioner and the person is just using a hand held squirter bottle with water, maybe some harsh chemicals mixed in and a cloth. We regularly see this and it frustrates us immensely.

When we steam clean an air conditioner we know we have to do it right. This involves removing the primary filters and outer casing of the head unit so we can access all the hard to get places to ensure that the air conditioner receives a thorough clean and sanitisation. Not only does it improve the health of your air conditioner, it improves cooling and heating efficiency and extends the life of your air conditioner.

This is why we say that we would like our customers to “Breathe The Difference”

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